Too Fast, Too Slow
11 Architectural Moves

Apr 5–24
Tue–Sun, 10AM–6PM
40 Wooster St, NYC


Friday, April 5
10AM – 4PM   
Super Jury Reviews
6PM – 11PM   
Public Opening: Cocktail Party

Friday, April 12
5PM – 8PM   
Archive Discussions: Interviews led by students

Saturday, April 13
3PM – 6PM   
Archive Discussions: Interviews led by students

Wednesday, April 17
6PM – 9PM   
Keynote Lecture by Elisa Silva

Friday, April 19
After Party + Live Catalogue Production


Indefinite Boundaries: Projections of Immaterial Space
Kenny Chao
Advisors: Stan Allen + Cameron Wu

Watermelons and Walls: Building Infrastructure in Sur
E. Ece Emanetoğlu
Advisor: Paul Lewis

Deborah Garcia
Advisors: Michael Meredith + Stan Allen

Uncertain Grounds: Rethinking Settlement in the Anthropocene
José Ibarra
Advisors: Hayley Eber + Spyros Papapetros

this tower was reconstructed on the Green Line
Rami Kanafani
Advisor: Mónica Ponce de León


Turning the Last Page: Knowledge Exchange and Political Crossings in Hong Kong 2046
Jessica Leung
Advisor: Mario Gandelsonas

Visual Guide to A House, Museum
Erik Tsurumaki
Advisor: Paul Lewis

Climate as a Medium
Zherui Wang
Advisor: Elizabeth Diller

Balancing Act / Social Piling
Ece Yetim
Advisor: Hayley Eber

A Floating Urbanism
Sophia Zhu
Advisor: Stan Allen

Clip-on Urbanism: A Maker’s Survival Guide to Shenzhen
Zhonghui Zhu
Advisor: Mario Gandelsonas